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East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) constructs school in Sembabule District as in – kind compensation to replace classroom block affected by the project at Kabajjo Memorial Junior School.

The East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) has constructed school facilities- Kabajjo Memorial Junior School located in Sembabule District as in – kind compensation opted for by the school leadership to replace the classroom block that was affected by the project.

Only one school structure was affected by the EACOP Right of Way (ROW) and EACOP through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy opted to construct additional structures.

Additional Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) contribution from EACOP to the School include:

  • An additional classroom block / building with 4 classrooms, an office, and a library.
  • A kitchen capable of supporting 450 students with proper water supply.
  • Dinning shade to be used during mealtimes and other recreational school activities.
  • Seven (7) water tanks with a total volume of 45,000m3 to support hygiene within the entire school especially the kitchen and toilets and to help improve the water and sanitation needs of the learners.
  • Solar System per block for power requirements of the school.
  • Girls’ toilet to support girls’ hygiene requirements.
  • Girls’ changing rooms to support girls in compliance with the national / Ministry of Education strategy on menstrual health hygiene management.
  • Incinerator to manage waste from the girls’ toilet.
  • Boys’ toilet support boys’ hygiene requirements.
  • Teachers’ toilet to support teachers’ hygiene requirements.
  • Soak away pits to manage any wastewater from the toilet facilities.
  • Waste pits for management of all waste around the school.
  • Chain-link fence to safeguard students within the school confines.
  • Walkways and landscaping for compound and school beautification.

The construction of these additional facilities is intended to support Kabajjo Memorial Junior School to provide a conducive learning environment and welfare of the learners, teachers, and non-teaching staff of the school. Kabajjo Memorial Junior School aims at uplifting the mindset of the learners in Sembabule District by

embracing and improving the standards of education in the district. The school has a total of 300 learners, 174 of these pupils are from at least 6 villages traversed by the East African Crude Oil Pipeline Project.

EACOP is committed to ensuring that the health, safety and welfare of

communities, workers and the environment are addressed and managed throughout the planning, construction, and operation phases. of the Project.

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