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The East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline Route

The selected route begins in Kabaale – Hoima, in Uganda and extends south to the Chongoleani Peninsula near Tanga Port in Tanzania.  The pipeline will start near Hoima, close to Lake Albert, and will cross the Uganda – Tanzania border between Masaka and Bukoba, past Lake Victoria, following its western border, traversing Tanzania, passing close to Kahama, Singida, Kondoa, into Tanga. In Uganda, the pipeline, 296km long, will traverse 10 districts and 25 sub-counties. In Tanzania, the pipeline, 1,147km long will traverse 8 regions and 25 districts

The pipeline right of way required for the construction phase is 30 metres wide.  During the design phase, the route was narrowed and finalised after extensive studies to integrate the various technical, geographical, environmental and land usage constraints. 

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