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As recommended in the Provisional Human Rights Impact Assessment (HRIA) 2018 report, an assessment of EACOP’s Human Rights Due Diligence (HRDD) was undertaken in 2022.

The primary objective of this HRDD was to provide a comprehensive review of any potential and actual human rights impacts related to the current country context (Uganda and Tanzania) and construction phase of the EACOP Project and to provide recommendations further strengthening the EACOP Project’s HRDD measures for the construction phase of the EACOP Project.

The final report (link) includes three discrete but related components, namely:

  • Part One: is an overview of EACOP’s approach to HRDD and the management system that has been created to support ongoing HRDD: a Human Rights Policy, a cross-functional internal Human Rights Steering Committee, the elaboration and implementation of a Human Rights Action Plan and the recruitment of internal and external human rights experts.
  • Part Two: provides an update on the prior Provisional Human Rights Impact Assessment carried out in 2018. Through a process of internal and external consultation and stakeholder engagement, the eight main salient human rights issues prioritized in the HRIA 2018 validated with clarifications regarding were validated with clarifications regarding additional attention on grievance mechanisms as a cross-cutting issue.
  • Part Three: is an overview of EACOP plans and commitments for ongoing monitoring and reporting on human rights, including a Human Rights Action Plan framework that integrates the
    recommendations for ongoing HRDD across all relevant departments and management plans.
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What is most notable about EACOP's work on human rights is the shift from an approach that was focused on the HRIA to one that is now framed squarely as ongoing Human Rights Due Diligence. In this regard, the Project has developed a strong governance and management system to oversee the implementation of a Human Rights Action Plan within all the key departments that are relevant to address the Project's salient human rights issues. Although the EACOP Project has a great deal of international attention, it also is recognized by local human rights observers that it is developing one of the strongest approaches to ongoing Human Rights Due Diligence when compared to other companies in Tanzania and Uganda. There are many challenges to come as the Project enters the construction phase, but it has demonstrated a systematic and proactive approach to being prepared to manage them in a responsible manner. 

EACOP Human Rights Advisor
Lloyd Lipsett, founder of LKL International Consulting Inc.

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