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Unlocking East Africa’s Potential

The construction of the EACOP Pipeline in combination with the Tilenga and Kingfisher projects will benefit the economies of Uganda and Tanzania include tax revenues for the two Host Governments, job creation, national content, new infrastructure, logistics, skills and technology transfer and enhancement of the trade corridor between Uganda and Tanzania.

Foreign Direct Investment

The capital investment of some $4bn associated with the construction of the Pipeline represents one of the largest ever inward investments into Uganda and Tanzania.

Enhancement of the central trade corridor

The project will contribute towards the enhancement of the central corridor between Uganda and Tanzania triggering the development of better road infrastructure, improved logistics and modern communications with the fibre-optic cable.


During the construction phase the pipeline will create short term (2-3 years) employment for both skilled and semi-skilled professionals.  In addition casual workers will be involved in the construction phase of the project, sourced locally from each district.

Operators and Technicians will be trained and deployed for the operational phase

Business Opportunities

EACOP and its Level 1 Contractors will seek to maximise goods and services provided by Companies in both Uganda and Tanzania, and will publish Expressions of Interest in Local Newspapers to advertise these opportunities.  EACOP will work with its Local and National Contractors to help them to raise standards. 

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