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Supporting Local Economic Development

As a major energy operator, EACOP shareholders must contribute to the development of our host countries. Going above and beyond our contractual obligations, we ensure that our operations create value and opportunities by supporting employment, training and the local industrial fabric.

We consider local content as key for the success of our operations. We are committed to promote the economic development and local industrialization in both Tanzania and Uganda. Our vision is to develop a holistic approach to optimize Local Content from the construction phase of the project through to operations.

This approach aims at capitalizing on the Construction phase to build the capacity of the local companies and Tanzanian/Ugandan citizens who will work on the upcoming operations needs and will drive the growth of the Tanzanian and Ugandan oil & gas industry and general economy farther down the road.

The EACOP Project Local Content delivery is focusing on three main pillars:

This development will be supported by many initiatives:

Driven by this ambition, we are strengthening the local socio-economic base, furthering the development of industrial capacity and facilitating skills transfer in Tanzania and Uganda.

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