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Our commitment

EACOP is committed to world class environmental and social performance in compliance with national and international regulations and standards.

As stated in EACOP’s HSE Policy, signed by its Managing Director and approved by all Shareholders, EACOP commitments include

Environmental and Social Management Plans

EACOP has established a suite of documents that collectively form the Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP).  This sets out how EACOP will achieve sustainable environmental and social management with the overall objective of minimising negative environmental and social impacts and maximizing positive effects while continuously improving environmental and social performance across Uganda and Tanzania.

The elements include:

The Environment and Social Management Plan (ESMP) summary outlines the key processes implemented by EACOP to manage defined environmental, social, health, safety and security (collectively HSE) aspects and implement the commitments identified in the Environmental Social Impact Assessment (ESIA). The ESMP describes how these processes are organised into the EACOP Integrated Management System (EIMS) and includes the roles and responsibilities of EACOP as an organisation and of contractors who will undertake the construction.

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