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EACOP achieves critical milestone by completing the land access of its first construction facility in Kakumiro District.

The East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) Ltd, on behalf of the Government of Uganda, has completed the land acquisition of 47.22 acres (19.11 hectares) for MCPY1 (Main Camp & Pipe Yard) -, the first of the four similar areas required for construction support for the development of the Project in Uganda. The land will be transferred to the Ugandan Land Commission and leased to EACOP as per the Host Government Agreement

The ceremony was officiated by the Prime Minister of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom, Rt. Hon. Mr. Andrew Byakutaga. Rt Hon. Mr. Byakutaga congratulated EACOP for achieving this milestone and the exemplary manner in which the Project Affected persons were engaged, in compliance with the laws, regulations and customs of Uganda and with the utmost respect for environment, local cultures and human rights.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Martin Tiffen, EACOP Ltd Managing Director, said “The land for the construction of MCPY 1 has been fully acquired and the 32 Project Affected Persons, together with their respective spouses have signed their compensation agreements, been fully compensated, received and served the required three months’ notice to vacate their land’. He also noted that ‘Project Affected Persons have been able to harvest their crops prior to the expiry of the Notice to Vacate’ and that under the IFC Performance Standards eligible PAPs are also entitled to transitional food support and access to livelihood restoration programs.

He added that EACOP is committed to complete the rest of the land acquisition program in full compliance with Laws and IFC Performance Standards before physically accessing any land.

“The land acquisition process should be completed by mid – 2023, as of today 81% of the Project Affected Persons in Uganda having signed their compensation agreements and 69% having received their compensation payments “, he said.

Mr. Tiffen also thanked ‘the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development and the Petroleum Authority of Uganda, for their policy direction and continuous oversight of the process’.

EACOP, its shareholders and the two Host Governments will ensure the Project is carried out in an exemplary manner in terms of transparency, shared prosperity, and sustainable development, including respect for environment and human rights.

Key data for EACOP in Uganda

–     Number of Project Affected Persons: 3,648

–     Number of Project Affected Persons who have signed their Compensation Agreement (to date): 2,940

–     Number of Project Affected Persons who have been compensated (to date): 2502.

–     Number of physically displaced PAPs: 203

–     Number of replacement housing under construction: 174

–     Number of replacement housing handed over: 4

–     Number of replacement housing ready to be handed over: 39

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