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Catering and Camp Management Supplier Development Forum

We would like to engage with companies involved in various service sectors such as manpower services, catering, pest control and cleaning, food safety training, and the supply of essential items like cooking utensils, cleaning supplies, electrical systems, plumbing and water systems, and ground maintenance. These services collectively contribute to our comprehensive camp management and catering services package across six camps.

We invite potential suppliers and service providers to register with us by contacting national [email protected]. The registration process allows participation in either virtual (via EACOP online platforms) or physical attendance. To join online, please visit:

Camp Management Services include:

  • Grounds maintenance
  • Plumbing and water systems
  • Electrical systems
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Kitchen and dining facilities
  • Safety equipment
  • Building and structural maintenance
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Vector control
  • Human resource services
  • Waste disposal
  • Fire protection
  • Communication services
  • Kitchen and dining ware (cookware, dishes, etc.)

Your engagement in these crucial areas will contribute significantly to the overall efficiency and success of the camp management and catering services provided across our six camps.

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