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Breakfast Meeting with Members of Parliament on EACOP Progress

On the 30th of November 2013, the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) held meeting with Members of Parliament (MPs) representing the 10 districts crossed by the Pipeline in Uganda.

The meeting provided the MPs with an overview of the project and updated them on the progress of the activities under implementation, including the commencement of the construction of the Main Camp and Pipe Yard (MCPY) and the status of land acquisition and compensation payments which stands at 95% Project Affected Persons having signed their compensation agreements and 90% having received their compensation payments as of November 2023.

Representing the Ministry of Energy, Hon. Peter Lokeris Teko, the Minister of State for Mineral Development, assured the MPs dedication of the Government to keeping key stakeholders well-informed about the advancements in the project. He highlighted the benefits observed in the Hoima and Bunyoro regions resulting from the investments in the oil sector. These benefits are visibly manifested in the form of the available business and employment opportunities newly constructed roads and other infrastructure, a testament to the transformative impact of oil investment on local infrastructure.

Mr. Dozith Abeinomugisha, the Director Midstream at the Petroleum Authority of Uganda (PAU), represented the Petroleum Authority of Uganda (PAU) and provided further insights on positive impact of the EACOP project on the lives of Ugandans.

He encouraged the MPs to inform the communities in their constituencies to register their skills on the National Talent Register, and businesses to register on the National Supplier Database, in order to qualify to provide goods and services to the oil and gas sector in Uganda.

He emphasized that these platforms were established to ensure that any job, goods or services that can be performed or provided by a Ugandan or a Ugandan Company will indeed be carried out by one.

John B. Habumugisha, Deputy Managing Director, EACOP, thanked the MPs for honoring the Company’s invitation and for their continued contribution and support towards the delivery of the project in a responsible manner.

He indicated that, engagements like these play a pivotal role in fostering transparency and collaboration and provide platforms for meaningful engagement with key stakeholders.


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