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EACOP Women’s Initiative (EWI) commemorate Women’s Month.

The EACOP Women’s Initiative (EWI) who’s aim and mission is to empower the community, particularly women, and tackle pressing issues faced by adolescent girls in the communities has used the month of March to create lasting change and foster opportunities for young girls to thrive.

The first notable outreach activity occurred in Tanzania at Oysterbay Secondary School, where the team mentored over 500 girls in forms 1-4. The session aimed to inspire and encourage these young individuals to pursue their dreams with courage and determination. Representatives from various specialized fields, including engineering, social and community relations, law, human rights, and communications, came together to inspire the aspiring girls.

Through meaningful discussions and interactive exercises, the team aimed to instill confidence and empower these girls to overcome challenges and achieve success in their chosen future paths. The team provided the girls with vital necessities such as sanitary pads, exercise books, and mathematical sets.

The second notable outreach activity occured in Uganda at Kakumiro District, EWI provided vital counselling and support to over 400 girls aged 10 and above at Kisiita and Busanga Primary Schools. The focus of these sessions was on menstrual health and hygiene, addressing a critical yet often overlooked aspect of adolescent girls’ well-being. By providing essential knowledge and resources, including reusable sanitary pads, buckets, and washing soap, the team ensured that each girl had the necessary tools to manage their periods with dignity and confidence.

The impact of these initiatives extends beyond the immediate provision of products and services. Through these efforts, EWI seeks to fulfill unmet demands of young girls, build confidence, promote dignity, and provide education on feminine health. By investing in their well-being and empowerment, EWI is laying a strong foundation for communities where every girl has the opportunity to thrive and realize her full potential.


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