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Makunza Mihayo Makunza (PAH) happy with his money received from rice sale on 11st June 2022.
Makunza Mihayo Makunza (PAH) happy with his money received from rice sale on 11st June 2022.

Makunza Mihayo Makunza, a 64-year-old resident of Sojo Village in Isugule Ward, Nzega District, has seen his dreams come true thanks to the East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) project. A married man with seven children (four daughters and three sons) and five grandchildren, Makunza’s primary source of livelihood is farming and livestock keeping. He takes care of 17 cows, 18 goats, and over 50 chickens. Additionally, he used to own a mud house which he recently replaced due to its age.

Unfortunately, due to the EACOP project, Makunza lost 1.52 acres of his land. However, in 2021, he received monetary compensation and selected an alternative 1.52-acre plot where he could rebuild his livelihood. He actively participated in training sessions and capacity-building activities geared towards revitalizing his land-based livelihood through advanced farming techniques. Specifically, he gained expertise in modern rice production methods, including the System of Rice Intensification (SRI), which emphasizes the use of high-yield improved seeds, proper spacing, and effective farm management practices.

Putting his newfound skills to work, Makunza achieved a remarkable harvest of 3.6 tons of rice from the alternative plot, equivalent to the original one acquired by the project. Prior to EACOP’s support, he harvested only 0.7 tons from the same area. Out of the harvest, he kept 0.18 tons for household consumption and sold the remaining 3.42 tons, generating TZS 4,560,000 (USD 1958). This money was invested in the construction of his long-held dream house

Makunza said: ‘’I’m very thankful to EACOP for the enormous support, I initially thought it was a scam project that wants to grab land and destroy environment, but I can testify that EACOP has changed my life by supporting me to realize my dream”


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