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EACOP is pleased to announce the successful completion and handover of the last replacement housing project at Songakibaoni Village in the Muheza, Tanga Region. The handover of the last house marks the completion of the replacement houses for the East African Crude Oil Pipeline Project – Tanzania section.
The replacement housing program, comprising a total of 339 houses and their ancillary structures, has  been  a  cornerstone  of  our  commitment  to  households  affected  by  the  land  acquisition process.
The East African Crude Oil Pipeline Company in Tanzania has handed over a total of 339 houses to 293 physically displaced Project Affected Persons (PAPs) across 8 pipeline affected regions of Kagera, Geita, Shinyanga, Tabora, Singida, Dodoma, Manyara and Tanga; spanning 21 Districts and  102  VillagesI.  Of  these  339  replacement  houses  and  their  ancillary  structures,  43  were handed over to 30 PAPs affected by the early land acquisition for the main camps and pipe yards in 2022 in Missenyi, Muleba, Bukombe, Nzega and Singida Districts. The 296 houses were for households affected by the pipeline route land acquisition covering 1143 kms across 8 regions. It is noteworthy that the construction of these houses was entrusted to local contractors employing people from local communities, reinforcing EACOP’s commitment to community involvement and sustainable development. The handover of the last replacement house concludes the long journey of the land acquisition process for the East African Crude Oil Pipeline – Tanzania section.
In Tanzania, 344 of 9904 PAPs were physically displaced, and of these 293 selected replacement houses and ancillary structures as their preferred form of compensation. The construction of the replacement houses followed rigorous engagement with PAPs, the valuation process, disclosure, and a one-to-one briefing on compensation packages prior to signing compensation agreements.  Replacement houses are built on land bought by the Project and TPDC or the PAPs existing land. The site plan is laid out as per PAPs preference and technical guidance from EACOP. As part of the housing package each PAP received with his/her houses a 5000-litre water tank as well as a 400-watt solar array, complete with 200 ampere hour battery, inverter, and charger controller.
All Project replacement houses are under a 1-year warranty Period. Within this timeframe, the Project through their contractors shall be responsible to remedy any defects that may arise from with the replacement houses.
Eligible PAPs (with particular attention to the vulnerable) will be provided with transitional support (food baskets), relocation support (to help them to transport their belongings to the new location) and access to livelihood restoration programs, aimed at restoring livelihoods and standards of living.
The  replacement  housing  program  is  an  integral  part  of  EACOP’s  activities  involving  the construction and operation of an underground, cross-border pipeline. This pipeline, designed to transport  crude  oil  from  Hoima  Uganda  to  Chongoleani  Tanga  represents  a  significant advancement in regional energy infrastructure. EACOP’s commitment to the replacement housing program reflects its commitment to innovation, environmental and social responsibility.
Demonstrating  EACOP’s  responsibility  to  maximize  local  content,  the  construction  of  these houses was entrusted to three (3) _skilled local contractors namely SBS Limited, VJ Mistry and CF Builders. It has taken 15 months since their commencement to completion. This approach not only ensured the highest quality construction but also contributed to economic development by promoting local entrepreneurship.
This  construction  program  has  brought  invaluable  benefits  to  the  communities  in  and  around Muheza  Tanga  Region.  Local  communities  actively  participated  in  the  construction  process, contributing  to  its  successful  completion,  and  simultaneously  building  their  capacity  through hands-on involvement. This contributes to sustainability as well as building community members capacity with valuable skills.
The replacement housing program has provided short-term employment opportunities for local communities.  By  partnering  with  local  contractors  and  hiring  community  members,  EACOP injected resources into the local economy, fostering a sense of pride and ownership among the workforces.
Wendy Brown, EACOP General Manager, Tanzania Branch “The completion of the replacement housing  program  demonstrates  EACOP’s  commitment to  an  international  financing  standards land  acquisition  process.  We  are  proud  to  have  collaborated  with  local  contractors  in  the construction process, empowering the communities we serve and ensuring the highest quality construction for those impacted by the pipeline project.”
 “Working with VJ Mistry, SBS and CF Builders on this program has been a really collaborative process.  EACOP’s commitment to engaging local contractors not only contributed to the success of the program but has also provided economic opportunities for communities.”
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