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Resettlement Action Plan for Kagera Region

The Kagera RAP describes the policies, principles, procedures, roles and responsibilities for managing displacement impacts caused by Project-related land acquisition in the Missenyi, Bukoba, Muleba and Biharamulo Districts of the Kagera Region.

The Kagera RAP aims to establish and describe:

A summary of the legal framework;

  • The individuals and households who will experience physical and / or economic displacement, and the communities who will experience impacts associated with the land acquisition process;
  • The way that compensation rates for lost assets were determined;
  • Eligibility criteria and the entitlements for affected individuals, households and institutions (including in-kind and cash compensation options);
  • The process used to identify affected vulnerable individuals and groups;
  • Levels of assistance for resettlement of affected households (including vulnerable individuals and groups);
  • Measures to reinstate livelihoods of affected persons and households;  Roles and responsibilities to undertake and implement the RAP;
  • The Project’s approach to stakeholder engagement and consultation with PAPs and other interested parties, including the Project grievance management mechanism; and
  • Activities required to implement, and monitor land acquisition, compensation and livelihood restoration commitments made within this RAP.
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